How to get a medical check up and see a GP without waiting.  Come to Cyprus and enjoy the benefits of medical check ups and doctors appointments without long waiting lists. Just give us a call to book your appointment.  In the UK these days it is very challenging for some people to see their doctor. Also many patients tell us that they are frustrated with the delays and waiting lists. Patients delay  making an appointment in the Uk because it is difficult to see a doctor face to face. Don’t put your health and wellbeing at risk by waiting when we can offer you a solution in Cyprus.


Why Travel Abroad 

“Why should I get on a plane and go to another country to see a doctor?” I hear you ask. Well, the answer is, because we schedule a face to face appointment with a doctor.  You will be seen, heard, evaluated and treated without waiting. Our doctors take the time to listen to you, answer your questions and physically examine you. We will give you the very best level of care you deserve.

Pre Planned

Everything is planned before you leave home. Therefore all your appointments are scheduled and you know exactly what is going to happen, why, and when. 

Visit Sunny Cyprus

Travelling to a sunny warmer climate is also a wonderful tonic especially in the winter months. Coming for a short break or holiday incorporating your medical check up or surgery is an attractive option. For people with mobility issues there is assistance available at all airports. Therefore travelling is less stressful. You will save money, as it is up to 50% cheaper than in the UK and get to see a doctor quickly.


We offer an affordable alternative for patients who want treatment. You have the added benefit that you elect when you have treatment. Prices with us are up to 50% less than in the UK but without compromising on quality. Every patient is unique and we tailor your stay to your needs. Our team are here to support and inform you every step of the way to ensure you have a positive experience.

General Practitioners.

GP’s are Family Practice Physicians treat a wide range of medical issues. They work with patients of any age or gender. We invite you to raise any specific health concerns before your appointment. This enables any additional tests, scans and follow up appointments with specialists to be planned whilst you are here. Therefore making the best use of your time, ensuring  you receive the levels of care you deserve. Enjoy the benefits of medical check ups and seeing a doctor face to face without waiting lists.

Full range of scans and medical tests

We tailor a health check up package to address your specific health concerns. A wellness check up may include Chest X-Rays, Ultrasound, Cardiogram. ECG, Full Blood Panel and Stool Check. PSA Prostate tests (Men), Urine tests (Women), as well as a Full medical Examination are available. After evaluation in Cyprus,  we will schedule any necessary blood tests, MRI scans, X-Rays , CT scans and Ultrasound quickly.  You can forget long waiting times. 

When you have concerns about your health, and want some answers we are here to help you. We have corporate and executive health care packages available.

Information and action. When you have answers, you are able to make informed decisions.  With a team of elite doctors on hand we are able to schedule appointments quickly with specialist doctors . Appointments will be at a time that suits you. With a comprehensive range medical specialties covered, we will address your specific concerns and offer you solutions.

Orthopaedic surgeries. Our surgeons are experts in hip replacement surgery, knee replacements, shoulder and orthopaedic surgeries. They specialise in Robotic assisted knee replacements.  Because those living with pain and joint issues often stop doing activities they enjoy, we help them return to a normal active life.

Orthopaedic Surgeries
Robotic Assisted Knee Replacement

With ROSA we offer the very latest robotic assisted surgeries.ROSA is a robotic surgical assistant that helps your consultant perform total knee replacement surgery with improved precision.

It is important to remember that ROSA doesn’t replace the need for an experienced knee surgeon. The robot does not perform the knee replacement surgery, because it cannot cut, implant, or stitch. It is a tool for alignment, helping ensure that the alignment, sizing, and rotational positioning of an implant are correct throughout surgery. Therefore your replacement will have improved precision placement.

Convalescing after surgery in the sunshine is a welcome alternative to being  indoors in the winter. Physiotherapists are on hand to support you through your recovery. With a wide range of hotels , villas and accommodation we cater to your budget. Our aim to make your medical trip as stress free and comfortable as possible.

Prostate issues.  

King Charles issued a press release regarding his prostate surgery in January 2024.  Because of this, many men have been prompted to have a prostate examination.  Our Urologists are highly qualified consultants and professors with years of experience . They are here to offer you diagnosis and solutions. Since King Charles’s cancer diagnosis in February 2024 it has highlighted the benefit of having a health check up so that any issues are caught early and can be addressed before they become a problem.

So, don’t  just sit there waiting.  If you want answers to your health concerns, contact us now to find out how to get a medical check up or see a GP without waiting. We hope this has answered your questions about how to get a medical check up and see a GP without waiting