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Blood Tests

Have you ever wondered why you might be feeling under the weather, or if indeed you are actually taking the correct supplements for you? We understand how difficult it can be in some countries just to have access to even basic blood tests. It is actually a very easy process and takes just a few minutes.

The benefit of having blood tests is to detect any abnormal levels and therefore be able to determine your risk status for disease and chronic conditions. You can do the Blood tests in Cyprus on really cheap rates. The results provide us with one of the most effective ways of keeping track of your overall health and physical wellbeing. They are a very easy and common way of identifying any issues that may need treatment.

You may already know which tests you require, but during an appointment with our GP they can help you identify those tests that may be most appropriate for you based on your medical history and current symptoms.

Test results are normally ready less than 24 hours after the tests. You will then be able to discuss the findings with our GP and decide if there are any further treatments that are necessary or whether it is just some lifestyle changes that need to be made. We will then give you a full print out of the results for you to keep.

Blood Tests

The most common tests we carry out are:

  • Complete Blood Count. (CBC)
  • Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP)
  • Infection markers
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Kidney and Liver function
  • Diabetes
  • Calcium. Potassium,
  • Sodium, Iron, Glucose
  • Vitamin D, B12, and Folate Levels
  • Thyroid Function.
  • Hormone Panels
  • Testosterone
  • Progesterone
  • Estrogen


If requested, we can carry out other specialist blood tests some of which may take more than 24 hours to get the results.