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L Shepherd Bournemouth .UK
November 2022
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I had just arrived in Northern Cyprus when I tested positive for Covid. I was not at all well but after two weeks tested negative for Covid. I felt a heaviness in my chest and I was finding it hard to breathe.

I got in touch with Surgery-Cyprus to see if they could help. Within minutes of my phone call to the patient Co-ordinator, I was taken to A&E where the doctors saw me immediately which was incredible. They did chest x-rays straight away and diagnosed me with viral pneumonia. Being in another country I was scared. But I need not have worried. I had IV antibiotics for several hours and the doctors were attentive and I felt very well looked after.

I was so grateful for the lovely patient co- ordinator who stayed with me throughout. She was reassuring and I felt that she was looking out for me and she was definitely a calming influence. When I was discharged I was given antibiotics to take back to the villa where I was staying. They told me to rest and check in with the co-ordinator twice a day. I knew she was at the end of the phone if I started to feel any worse and this was a great comfort. It took me another week before I was feeling well enough to return to the UK.

The speed of their response and the care I received was extraordinary. I highly recommend Surgery-Cyprus and I thank the co-ordinator and the doctors for their swift action and treatment.
John Goldman. Warwickshire. UK
January 2023
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My Hip replacement with Surgery Cyprus. I had become very frustrated with the waiting times in the UK for my hip replacement. I was in so much pain and my mobility was very bad when I contacted Surgery Cyprus. I was taking a lot of pain medication just to get through the day and I was very uncomfortable at night in bed. From my very first phone call they put me at ease and answered all my questions. I couldn’t possibly have afforded to have this done in the UK privately. Saving over half of what this would have cost in the UK and being able to have this done within 2 weeks of organising it was amazing. I felt very comfortable knowing that Dr Ramadan (an associate professor) was so well qualified and does these operations all the time. It really helped me having the co-ordinator on hand as she was able to answer all my questions and organise everything for me.

I met Dr Ramadan and had all my assessments on the same day I arrived and then had my operation the next day. The hospital was super and staff looked after me really well. The nurse came to the villa and changed my dressings and the physiotherapist was so much help in my quick recovery. The service I received was above and beyond my expectations.

Because I am not used to travelling I was worried about going to Cyprus. I need not have worried. Everything was organised down to the smallest detail and I had a very easy journey including wheelchair assistance at the airports because I couldn’t walk far. My accommodation was fantastic. My wife and I stayed in villa very close to the hospital with everything all on the ground floor, so I could move round easily. It was very well equipped and even had English TV, very comfortable beds, and a very well equipped kitchen. We could even have food delivered easily and the supermarket was just a couple of minutes away. Being able to recover in the sunshine was a real bonus. I am now able to live life again and move about freely. Being pain free is such a relief. I would certainly recommend Surgery Cyprus and their team who looked after me. I would definitely go back to them again if my other hip every needs surgery.
Christopher Potter. W. Sussex.
October 2022
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I had suffered with pain in my knee for some years and was put on a waiting list in the UK for a knee replacement . I had no idea of when I might be able to have this done and became increasingly fed up and isolated due to my lack of ability to move around. I decided I could wait no longer and started to look for options abroad. One of my friends who I play golf with suggested I contact Surgery Cyprus as she had already had her knee replacement with them.

I emailed them and had a quick response followed by a zoom call. The lady I spoke to was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all my questions. I decided to have the robotic assisted surgery because it was a quicker recovery time. It was less than half the price I would have had to pay in the UK and I had not been offered this option in England. There was the added benefit of being able to decide when I wanted to have this operation. My daughter came with me and our journey both ways was easy, stress free and very well organised.

I met my surgeon Dr Ramadan the day after I arrived. He did a very detailed assessment with me and all of my pre operation checks that day. I was able to have a conversation with him about the procedure and everything involved which really gave me a lot of confidence. The hospital was very comfortable and all the staff were caring and efficient.

After the operation when I was recovering, the doctor came to the villa and checked in on me. They came and checked my dressings and the physiotherapist also came each day to give me exercises and check on my recovery. This was wonderful and I felt really well looked after. Knowing I could contact the patient co-ordinator at any time was also a great comfort because I felt 100% supported.

I really don’t know why I waited so long to have this operation. If I had realised I could have organised this so easily and got back to my normal life and playing golf rather than suffering and waiting for the operation in the UK I would have done it much sooner. I can’t thank everyone at Surgery Cyprus enough for everything they did for me.
G. Redington. Dorset. UK.
April 2023
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After my initial phone consultation with the patient co-ordinator at Surgery-Cyprus I had the confidence to actually do something about my bunions. This is an issue I have been putting off for years.

Everything about my trip was efficiently scheduled and organised. They helped with all my travel and accommodation so I could relax and enjoy the trip.

When I saw Dr Ramadan the Orthopaedic surgeon, I had x-rays done straight away at the clinic. He was able to show me on the x-ray the issues with my feet and explain how the operation would resolve my issues. Because I need surgery to realign my toes as well as deal with my bunions, I came back to the UK to organise and plan for my surgery. After surgery I will need to be off my feet as Much as possible for 6 weeks. As I have my own business I needed time to plan everything. Now that I have everything organised here in the UK, I am booked at a time which suits me to have my surgery in Northern Cyprus and the cost is a lot less than doing this the UK.. I am looking forward to recuperating in the sunshine after my operation, I even know I will have special assistance at the airport on my return journey.

I would like to stay a big thank you to the patient co-ordinator who organised my travel, accommodation and medical appointments. Everything went like clockwork and it was a stress free enjoyable experience. I stayed in a fabulous comfortable villa which was very well equipped. I had everything I needed and more, including WI-FI and UK and USA TV. I look forward to staying there again for my recuperation, as everything I need is on the ground floor. Thank you so much Surgery-Cyprus.
C. King. Kyrenia. Cyprus
May 2023
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After a trip to the UK to see a specialist about a very long running issue I returned to Cyprus no better informed than before my trip to England. I felt very disappointed as I had paid privately to see the consultant.

When I returned to Cyprus I made contact with Rosie at Surgery-Cyprus as she was recommended to me by a friend. I explained my issues to her and she understood exactly who I needed to see. I sent her my medical records and within hours she had arranged for me to see a professor here in northern Cyprus who is actually far better qualified than the consultant I saw in the UK. I had an initial consultation with him and the same day a CT scan and blood tests. When the results of these came back another appointment was scheduled with the doctor a few days later. There was no messing around and waiting, everything was quickly organised. Rosie attended the consultations, and scan with me.

This helped so much as she reminded me about the things I wanted to discuss with the doctor. I was also able to speak to her about the options I was given. I was so relieved that surgery was not the first option I was given. The doctor has suggested some other options for me which are not invasive. I feel being given time to see if my issue can be resolved without surgery a huge relief. Without Surgery-Cyprus I wouldn't have had access to see the professor, so I am so happy that I contacted them and for their very fast response.
K. Thompson. Surrey. UK.
October 2022
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I had been miserable and depressed about my weight for many years when I finally decided to do something about it. Surgery seemed such a big step so I was nervous about it. I made an enquiry to Surgery Cyprus about having a gastric sleeve and was able to have a conversation with the patient co-ordinator to ask her about the operation. Because she was a weight loss counsellor I get very comfortable taking to her about my issues. She really understood how I was suffering. Being able to talk to someone about all the pros and cons without any pressure helped me make the decision to have this surgery.

They were very thorough in the assessments and made me aware how I would need to change my eating habits. I knew this was going to be life changing and I was excited as well as nervous. Before the surgery I was 18 stone and my quality of life was becoming very limited. I had issues walking a long way and became exhausted doing basic tasks. I couldn’t play with my children and felt like an old person at 39 years old. Money was a huge consideration for me and being able to save over half of what I would have paid in the UK was a big help. I also knew I was dealing with experts in weight loss surgery. Having such professional and highly trained doctors with years of experience made me feel confident to have the surgery.

I flew with my sister to Cyprus as I wanted some moral support. I needn’t have worried because everyone I met was so lovey and helpful. We stayed in a hotel just 3 minutes walk from the hospital and the sunshine certainly helped my mood. Dr Mustafa was so kind and informative when I met him. He spoke to me and answered all my questions about how my eating habits would need to change after the surgery.

Before my surgery I had all my pre op checks and again met the doctor and anaesthetist . They couldn’t have been kinder. The patient co-ordinator come to see me again on the morning of the operation and again after the surgery. My sister was able to stay with me at the hospital which was a massive support. I stayed in hospital 3 nights and then at the hotel for 7 nights. My recovery was actually very easy . I met with the dietician who went through what I needed to eat and drink in detail before I left the hospital. When I came back to England I continued to have zoom calls with the dietician so she could monitor my progress. Knowing I also had a patient co-ordinator to answer my questions was a huge support. I was excited at the thought of losing weight and starting to enjoy my life again.

A year on, I just wish I had done this sooner. The weight loss has been better than I could have hoped for after years of yo-yo dieting. I have 4 tiny little scars on my tummy which have faded very fast, so I feel confident to wear a bikini now for the first time in 20 years. I am so glad I had such an amazing team of people to support me in doing this. I now weigh just under 10 stone and my biggest goal now is maintaining my weight. I still have the support of the dietician and co-ordinator if I need help which is so comforting. It is so exciting now going shopping and buying clothes I love instead if being grateful to find something that fits. Being able to move around freely and play with my kids is just the most liberating feeling. I might even join in on sports day at school now. Losing this weight has given me so much confidence and a more positive outlook on life and the future.

If anyone is thinking about whether they should have weight loss surgery the I can recommend Surgery Cyprus. They have been amazing from start to finish. The support I have received, the surgery and care that they have shown me has truly changed my life.
James Lelliott UK
February 2024
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As an international athlete, my health and wellbeing takes priority. After years of experiencing sporadic and unexplained health issues, I decided to go out to Cyprus to try and find some answers. Before I had even got out there, i had a multitude of blood tests and an MRI booked. Within 24hours, I had a meeting with 2 consultants, who took the time to read over all my details and discuss any concerns/ reservations I had. From there, I was referred to more consultants within the Surgery Cyprus team of which appointments were booked before I had even left the prior meetings. After just 10 days I had 99% of the answers I was looking for and some I wasn’t. The organisation, speed and best of all… the prices are second to none! As an athlete, it would have taken years and thousands of pounds to gain this sort of treatment in the UK. I could not recommend this more to any level sports man or woman whether it be just for check ups up to treatment for major injuries. Surgery Cyprus go out of their way to make you feel heard and supported.